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Proceedings 1955 -



International Congress of Meat Science
and Technology (1987 - )

Formerly European Meeting of Meat Research Workers (EMMRW 1955-1986).


The scope of the ICoMST is to enhance the co-operation and scientific information between the academic and industry researchers in the field of meat science and technology. The Congress meetings focus on presenting the latest findings in specific scientific disciplines, critical reviews of the work done in the various fields as well as up-dating the latest knowledge on current issues most relevant for meat as food.

The Congress meetings also enhance discussions between the researchers irrespective to the country of origin, experience and scientific career thus providing a forum for exchange of scientific knowledge and ideas, planning of joint research and other co-operative issues.

For more information contact Professor Eero Puolanne
Email: eero.puolanne@helsinki.fi

Last update: 14-Jan-2019